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 These videos are for viewing and entertainment only. They were sent to the Fire Department by friends, family, members of the department and are for your viewing only.  These videos are not to be offensive, graphic, nor do they show any harm, if so we apologize and request that you message the video owner.  They are also to also see what goes on on calls.  The Fire Department is NOT responsible for anything with, or any issues pertaining to these videos.  If you have any questions, please see the owner of the video on the 'Youtube' Link by clicking on the actual video.  Most  of these videos are taken by some sort of cell phone or video recorder and are placed on youtube for viewing.  We apologize for any distortion or inconvience... Enjoy!



181 Truck Jumpseat respond for an Electrical Fire 9/10/2013







181 Station Video by Don Baird (Thanks Vito!)





181 Truck and Engine respond for a Structure Fire 3/22/13




"Door Breach"   2 Firefighters show how to search a small room and breach a door for the families that attended our Breakfast with Santa in December 2012




181 Tones and Siren For parade August 2012




181 Rescue Engine Responding to Another Call May 2012

Courtesy of Larkin Trosky



181 Engine Responds Spring 2012

 - Courtesy of Larkin Trosky



 181 Rescue 2 responds to Gas Call 2/2012


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